We, at Real Ice, aim to replenish Arctic ice using our carefully designed and concept tested wind powered machines, maintained and operated by the indigenous people of the High Arctic regions.


Real Ice began as the commercial arm of The SIKU Project, a voluntary organisation that designed a simple machine that could re-ice the Arctic.


Real Ice is offering exclusive prizes to our sponsors with several levels to choose from.


We, at Real Ice, are targeting direct action on climate change in the Arctic, where global warming is occurring at a faster rate than elsewhere on Earth. We aim to achieve this by replenishing Arctic ice, using our carefully designed and concept tested wind powered machines. These will be maintained and operated by the indigenous people of the High Arctic regions.

The main benefit of this type of machine is to increase ice thickness, ensuring weak areas of ice are retained throughout the summer. This maintains the ability of such regions to reflect sunshine through the summer months. This will further reduce ice melt in Arctic regions, aiding with the resetting of human generated global warming.

We plan to collaborate with indigenous Arctic peoples, building new economic opportunities to help their communities thrive.

Re-icing projects, directly reducing Arctic climate change, will be marketable through the sale of carbon credits to companies that wish to off-set unavoidable energy usage.

To begin our business journey, we are seeking investment to allow completion of a prototype ice machine that can be tested on the ice during this coming winter season.

Are you or your community affected by ice loss?

Real Ice pledges to help Indigenous people obtain re-icing machines that can increase ice thickness and restrict ice melt in Arctic regions.

We seek to aid the defence of the right of indigenous people to live and thrive as an Arctic community, and believe that those parts of the world which have contributed to the problems caused by global warming should help mend it. Our aim is to liase with these communities and help them develop technology to do this.

We futher believe that the use of such technology should bring economic opportunities to the region, to reflect its contribution to the worldwide benefit of reflecting sunlight which helps slow global warming.

We want to hear from anyone affected by ice loss and rising sea levels, for more information please contact us.